Matcha Green Tea Nice-Cream

Most “nice-creams” aim for simplicity, compromising fabulous texture for an easy, healthy treat that’s more icy than creamy. As an ice-cream fanatic, I won’t settle for anything less than the slightly sticky, almost doughy structure of that perfect frozen desert, stretching just a tad with each spoonful before bouncing back. The extra steps involving chia seeds takes this recipe from satisfying to indulgent, from icy to lusciousness!

An Ocean Away

Did you know that all children born in Hawaii have a salty, aching call in their hearts that won’t keep quiet if they stray too far from home? The song of the sea is both a great roar and a whisper, and the crushing sound rushes in our ears when almost asleep, making us think we’re only a few steps from childhood, from vacant beaches and cold sand at dawn.